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Principles of the peer-reviewing of articles of the scientific journal
«Morfologičeskie vedomosti - Morphological Newsletter»
The editors of journal in their work, including the process of reviewing of articles, consistently guided by the main principles of the policy of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (International Committee Medical Journals Editors - ICMJE):
- priority of authorship,
- mandatory declaration of potential conflicts of interest,
- confidentiality,
- timeliness,
- collegiality and respect for human rights and freedom of scientific creativity
and asks authors and reviewers strictly observe these principles
1. All articles which was sent to the editors without fail is reviewed and in case a positive review after reviewing is published in the both journal forms (in printing and electronic form). In accordance with the rules for authors the article can be published only in the printing form. Reviewer are selected by the editorial board and approved by the chief editor.
2. The journal «Morfologicheskie vedomosti - Morphological Newsletter» is used single-blind peer review. Author or authors of the Article are unaware of who reviewed their paper, but reviewers usually are aware of the authors’ identity. In case of dispute or multiple re-reviewing of the article, editors may use a double-blind peer-review type. Also the post-publication peer review is a traditional approach adopted in many anatomical journals and editors strongly encouraged such reviews. Independent reviewers evaluate a manuscript after it has been published and the journal is published this review in the special section (topic).
3. In process of the reviewing of the article the reviewer must estimate on the whole: the compliance of the article to topics of the journal; the scientific novelty and the significance of the results, the compliance of the rules of preparation of articles and the validity of results; the correct use of the results of other authors; the correctness of references; the quality of presentation and design of study.
4. The reviewer must specifically evaluate: the compliance of terms and names according to international instruments and requirements; the adequacy and efficient use of statistical techniques and analysis; the compliance of ethical rules in the study of human, special ethical rules for the use of laboratory animals, wild and domestic animals; compliance with ethical rules by use of any postmortem anatomical objects regardless of their origin source and availability of the relevant permits and approvals for the using of this objects and materials;  the accuracy of the description of objects and methods of research.
5. The reviewer has right ask of the editors any documents and necessary explanations for reviewing of articles. In conclusion, the reviewer must indicate one of the following recommendations: the ability to publish in the journal (as is or after appropriate revisions according to the reviewers' comments), or unreasonableness of publication.
6. The terms of reviewing the manuscript should not exceed 1 month since its reception by the reviewer.
7. The final decision on publication or rejection of the article, as well as the order of the placing it in the journal is accepted by the editorial board. In case the opinion of the editorial board and the reviewer does not match, then the article is sent for re-review.
8. The editorial board sends a copy of the review of the article to the authors (without the name of the reviewer). Also, reviews of all articles which received by editors of the Journal, both published and unpublished, are stored in the office of edition and upon first request is available for Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and Higher Attestation Commission of Russia.
9. The Article, which was sent to the authors for revision must be returned in the amended form, together with its original version as soon as possible with the appropriate letter containing answers to all comments and with the explaining of all changes which was made in the article. The author is solely responsible for the scientific content of the article and the accuracy of the data given in the references.
10. The editors reserve the right to check the content of the article, by appropriate means for plagiarism and the right to edit of articles.

ванович, доктор медицинских наук, профессор, руководитель научно-исследовательской лаборатории по проблемам морфологии НОУ ВПО Медицинский институт «РЕАВИЗ», член Президиума, Правления и Самарского регионального отделения НМОАГЭ (Самара, Россия)

Члены редакционной коллегии

Боровая Татьяна Геннадьевна, доктор медицинских наук, профессор, главный научный сотрудник лаборатории анатомии микроорганизмов ФГБУНИИЭМ им. Н.М. Гамалеи Минздрава РФ, член Московского городского отделения НМОАГЭ (Москва, Россия)

Вагапова Василя Шарифьяновна, доктор медицинских наук, заведующая кафедрой анатомии человека ГОУ ВПО «Башкирский государственный медицинский университет» Минздрава РФ, член Президиума и Правления, председатель Башкирского регионального отделения НМОАГЭ (Уфа, Россия)

Каган Илья Иосифович, доктор медицинских наук, профессор, профессор кафедры оперативной хирургии и клинической анатомии им. С.С. Михайлова ГОУ ВПО «Оренбургский государственный медицинский университет Минздрава РФ, заслуженный деятель науки РФ, член Президиума и Оренбургского регионального отделения НМОАГЭ (Оренбург, Россия)

Лысов Николай Александрович, доктор медицинских наук, профессор, ректор НОУ ВПО «Медицинский институт РЕАВИЗ», член Самарского регионального отделения НМОАГЭ (Самара, Россия)

Макурина Ольга Николаевна, доктор биологических наук, профессор, профессор кафедры биохимии ГОУ ВПО «Самарский государственный университет» Минобрнауки РФ, член Самарского регионального отделения НМОАГЭ (Самара, Россия)

Хайруллин Радик Магзинурович, доктор медицинских наук, профессор, заведующий кафедрой анатомии человека ГОУ ВПО «Ульяновский государственный университет» Минобрнауки РФ, член Президиума и Правления, председатель Ульяновского регионального отделения НМОАГЭ (Ульяновск, Россия)

Черешнев Валерий Александрович, доктор медицинских наук, профессор, академик РАН, директор ФГБУН «Институт иммунологии и физиологии» Уральского отделения РАН, (Екатеринбург, Россия)

Яцковский Александр Никодимович, доктор медицинских наук, профессор кафедры гистологии и эмбриологии ГОУ ВПО «Первый Московский государственный медицинский университет им. И.М. Сеченова» Минздрава РФ, член Московского городского отделения НМОАГЭ (Москва, Россия

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