SMSAHE emblScientific Medical Society of Anatomists, Histologists and Embryologists - SMSAHE (the officially and legally registered name) is the non-government interregional public organization founded on voluntary, self-regulating noncommercial public principles of the association of Russians researchers, scientific and pedagogical staffs, doctors, veterinarians and biologists. It was organized as All-Russian Scientific Society of Anatomists, Histologists and Embryologists on January 30, 1976 in Saratov city at the first constituent conference on an initiative of the famous Russian scientist and anatomist, Professor Sergey Mikhailov, which was the Head of the Department of Normal and Topographical Anatomy of the Moscow State Medical Dentistry Institute of name NA Semashko. Despite the organizational and legal independence, historically and in fact SMSAHE is the successor of the All-Russian Scientific Society of Anatomists, Histologists and Embryologists. Changes in the title, statute and the reestablishing was made in 2003 due to changes and the requirements in legislation about scientific communities in Russia.
The main objective of the society — is the development of the professional activity, the improvement of research and practical work in the field of anatomy, histology, cytology, embryology, anthropology, experimental biology, morphology and interdisciplinary sciences, the realization of the principles of humanity and bioethics, the formation of the image of the anatomy in the public, as the fundamental science about a form and a structure of live organisms, the application in the practice and in researches of the latest advances of the russian and foreign biology and medicine, the creation of conditions for the realization of charitable and humanitarian activity. The Society works at the basis of the Statute.
The official scientific and scientific-informational edition of the society is the peer reviewed scientific journal "Morphological Newsletter" which publish articles in Russian (summary of articles in English), is published since 1993, 4 issues per a year. The journal is indexed by
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The supreme power of the society is the meeting which convoked once in five years. In time between gross meetings the society managed by the Council, which gathered for meetings as required, as a rule, once a year. The operational management of the society is performed by the Board of the Council in which participate the President, three Vice-Presidents, the Chief Scientific Secretary, the Treasurer, Members of Board of Council.
The headquarters is placed at the address: Department of Normal Human Anatomy of the Burdenko State Voronezh Medical University, office 154, home 10, Studencheskaya st, Voronezh, Russia, RU 394036. Tel/fax: +7 (842) 232-65-65, e-mail:
Meetings of SMSAHE:
The I-th Meeting — June 11, 1982, Orenburg; The II Meeting — December 14-15, 1988, Leningrad (St. Petersburg); The III Meeting — June 21-23, 1994, Tyumen; The IV Meeting — June 17-19, 1999, Izhevsk; The V Meeting — September 16-17, 2004, Kazan; The VI Meeting — September 23-25, 2009, Saratov; The VII Meeting - May 28-31, 2014, Tyumen: The VIII Meeting - May 23-26, 2019, Voronezh.
The next VIII Meeting will be held May 23-26, 2019 in Voronezh, Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University
Presidents of SMSAHE:
1. Professor Sergey Mikhailov 1982 - 1992
2. Professor Lev Kolesnikov 1993 - 26.08.2018
3. The Executant of responsibilities of the President, Professor Dmitry Nikityuk from 13.09.2018 -

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